Monday, October 27, 2014

Critical Senate Races

Vote To Keep the Senate Blue

Approaching Deadlines in Key Races

Here is a short list of Senate races that will be real nail-biters. These states are must win for the Democrats to hold the Senate majority. For most of these races, there is still time to send in you FWAB for Voter Registration and Ballot Request!

No more delaying, get the FWAB at →

Don't be deterred by polls that say the Democratic candidate is trailing. Don't be over-confident by polls that tell us the Democratic candidate is a shoo-in. Nothing counts except the ballots cast. If you know anyone who votes in these states, make sure they are casting a ballot for this year's mid terms.

State Candidate Deadline for
Registration Ballot Request Ballot Receipt
Alaska Mark Begich 5 Oct 25 Oct 4 Nov
Arkansas Mark Pryor 6 Oct 28 Oct 14 Nov 5PM CST
Colorado Mark Udall 4 Nov 28 Oct 4 Nov 7PM MST
Georgia Michelle Nunn 6 Oct 31 Oct 4 Nov
Iowa Bruce Braley none 31 Oct 5PM CST 3 Nov
Kentucky Alison Lundergan Grimes 6 Oct 28 Oct 4 Nov 6PM EST
Louisiana Mary Landrieu 26 Oct 3 Nov 4 Nov
Minnesota Al Franken none none 4 Nov
North Carolina Kay Hagan 3 Nov 5PM EST 3 Nov 5PM EST 4 Nov

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