Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Your First Time Matters

A thoughtful reflection by one of the newest members of Democrats Abroad Switzerland and the youngest member of our Excom on the motivation to get involved and deciding to vote in his first U.S. election.

"...A reluctance to halt the rise of the seas threatens Florida, just as it threatens Palau. These realities may not be clear for those who’ve never lived in a foreign country. For Americans abroad,they’re painfully obvious. The defining challenge of this generation will be to expand our country’s thinking, reshaping the prevailing view of America’s place in the world. If we succeed, history will judge us kindly. If not, its verdict will be harsh."

Andrus Hatem moved to the Geneva area in 2002 when his parents came to work at the United Nations. Currently finishing his senior year at the International School of Geneva, he’ll be attending the University of Chicago in the fall. He has spent the past year volunteering for Democrats Abroad in Switzerland.

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