Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Make a Difference. Post a Flyer.

Help Spread the Word

Print one or all of the following A4 posters (will scale to A3 or A6) and post them anywhere Americans will see them. We want every American to know about their choices.

Global Primary Posters

Polling Stations in Switzerland

Download "2016gppswiss-160217091134.pdf" (7.6 MB)

Polling Station in Geneva

Download "2016gppge-160217090007.pdf" (7.6 MB)

Polling Station in Zurich

Download "2016gppzh-160217090024.pdf" (7.5 MB)

Vote From Abroad

Request Your Absentee Ballot

Download "chalkboard-160217085350.pdf" (5.9 MB)

From Democrats Abroad

Issues Advocacy

Download "DA-Issues_Advocacy_Poster-4.pdf" (727 KB)

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