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Vote in the Global Primary, March 1 or 5

Dear Member,
The Democratic presidential primaries come to Switzerland in the first week of March
From early February through June, voters within the U.S. states participate in caucuses or primaries organized by the two political parties. It is mostly the voters who decide which candidate their party will nominate to run for President of the United States.

Democrats Abroad is an official part of the Democratic Party and as such, our members may participate in a dedicated primary for our choice to get the nomination. Our votes will elect 21 delegates to the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this July.

Vote in the Global Primary

Members of Democrats Abroad may participate in the Global Presidential Primary by mail, email, fax, or in person at one of the two official Voting Centers in Switzerland:

In Geneva

Vote #2016GPP in Geneva Poster, Super-Tuesday March1st, 5 to 9 pm at the Warwick Hotel

"Super Tuesday" March 1st
5 to 9 pm
Hotel Warwick   •   map
Rue de Lausanne 14
1201 Geneva
In Z├╝rich

Vote #2016GPP in Z├╝rich Poster, Saturday March 5th, 3to 8 pm at the EMA House Hotel

Saturday March 5th
3 to 8 pm
EMA House Hotel   •   map
Nordstrasse 1
8006 Z├╝rich

The Voting Centers are major events! Bring your passport, and come at any time to vote for Clinton or Sanders, and then stay for the speakers, discussion, refreshments, and the general buzz of a presidential contest. We expect the media to be there as well.

If you can't attend the official primary events in Geneva or Z├╝rich, Download the Remote Ballot (PDF, 6 pages), complete, sign, and return it as instructed no later than March 8th.

You are eligible to vote in the primary as long as you are a member of Democrats Abroad and have not already voted for the President in a state primary election. If you are receiving this email from DA Switzerland, you are a member of Democrats Abroad. Please forward this email to Americans who may not currently be members.

Americans not yet registered as a Democrat Abroad can do so online anytime before the Primary, or at the Global Primary events in Geneva or Z├╝rich, March 1st or 5th, and vote that same day.

We very much hope that you will participate in the Democrats Abroad Global Primary, and we are all very excited to cast our ballots in person! For overseas voters, this is the only chance we have this year to actually walk into a voting place, sharing the experience with our fellow citizens.

Anne-Shelton Aaron
Chair, Democrats Abroad Switzerland
Frequently Asked Questions

I always vote in my home state's primary. Why should I vote in the Global Primary?

We strongly encourage you to cast a ballot for President in the Global Primary. Americans living abroad have significantly different concerns than friends and family stateside. In order to have a voice, and the ability to influence policy makers, it benefits us to stand as a unified group and be counted. The Global Primary is an opportunity for Democrats Abroad to demonstrate how many people we represent, thus giving us a louder voice when discussing policy with Washington. That's just one reason, here are Seven Reasons Every American Abroad Should Vote in the Global Presidential Primary.

I voted in my home state's primary. Am I still eligible to vote in the Democrats Abroad Primary?

If you voted in the presidential primary for any other state, you are not eligible to vote in our primary. However, if you voted or intend to vote in the primary for candidates of offices other than President, you are still eligible to vote here.

My friend isn't a member of Democrats Abroad, can she still vote in the Democrats Abroad Primary?

In order to vote in our primary, you must be a member of Democrats Abroad, however, voters can join at any point up to and including the date they cast their ballot and still be eligible to vote. Please encourage your friend to join online anytime ahead of time. It's quick and easy. Alternatively, she can join in person at a Primary Polling Site before casting her vote.

I can't attend a voting center in person, can I still vote?

Absolutely! Download the Remote Ballot (PDF, 6 pages) for voting by mail, fax, or email. All the information you need to vote using the Remote Ballot is included with the PDF.

Do you have more questions?

There's a lot of info in the central Global Presidential Primary FAQ, or email and we will do our best to answer.

Can you volunteer to help run the Primary?

These are big events and need a lot of people to run them well. We welcome new members who want to be part of an exciting political event, as well as long-time Switzerland Dems who know how it's done. German-region help especially sought for the Z├╝rich center. The Voting Centers are DA's biggest events in four years — be a part of it! Write us at and we'll be in touch with you right away.
© 2016 Democrats Abroad Switzerland.

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Democrats Abroad Switzerland (DACH) is part of Democrats Abroad, the global extension of the Democratic Party representing U.S. citizens living outside of the United States. DACH is open to voting-age American citizens living in Switzerland.

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