Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Reactionary Right

No better term to define the contenders for the Republican nomination

What is #ReactionaryRight and how to use it when tweeting.

As defined by The Free Dictionary

re·ac·tion·ar·y Tweet: Reactionary: opposition to progress. Avoid a #ReactionaryRight gov't
Characterized by reaction, especially opposition to progress or liberalism; extremely conservative. [1]

As explained in Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

reactionary Tweet: reactionary: political view for a return to the past society. #ReactionaryRight want to go backwards, @DemsAbroad look forward.
a person who holds political views that favor a return to the status quo, the previous political state of society, which they believe possessed characteristics that in their absence cause current society to suffer. [2]

Political reactionaries are at the right-wing of a political spectrum.

The original Right were conservative forces in France (especially within the Roman Catholic Church) organized as opposition to progressive social, political, and economic changes, comprised those politicians supporting hierarchy, tradition, and clericalism, and advocated restoration of the temporal authority of the Church and Crown. [3]

reactionary right Tweet: The #ReactionaryRight look towards the authoritarian past and seek a return to aristocracy and established religion. #AmericaDeservesBetter
Looks towards the authoritarian past and seeks a return to aristocracy and established religion. [4]

Fascism is generally considered to be reactionary: Benito Mussolini said that "fascism is reaction" and that:
"fascism, which did not fear to call itself reactionary... has not today any impediment against declaring itself illiberal and anti-liberal."

In The Evolution of Alienation

neo-reactionary (or "Dark Enlightenment")
movement that advocates a return to traditional gender roles, monarchism, and typically a more libertarian-oriented economic system. [5]

Opposed to any form of egalitarianism, the neo-reactionary movement developed as a critique of progressive society:
"...the stability of a society is not merely compatible with, but may depend upon, what modernists have deigned to call “oppression.”

Tweet: Opposed to progress #ReactionaryRight Republicans yearn 4 authoritarian past, advocate oppression 4 stability. #AmericaDeservesBetter
Remember to use #ReactionaryRight when tweeting about politicians who want the world to go backwards.

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