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DACH Newsletter May 15, 2013

Since DACH elections on 26 March, your ExCom leadership team has made every effort to hit the ground running! Special thanks go to Maya Samara for her extraordinary organizing skills and for facilitating the transition from one team to another. Even better, Maya joins the DACH leadership team as Social Media Coordinator. 


Vice-Chair Peter Butterfield followed the meetings and voted from his home through video connection, and as your Chair, I joined Caitlin Kraft Buchman (member of DNC and DNC Women's Caucus Board, and past DACH Chair) in London. It was fascinating following the outcome of the elections for the International ExCom and we take this opportunity to congratulate our new DPCA leadership team and to express our full support of their endeavors. Presentations were made on many developing aspects of the international organization which will inspire our own efforts. We had an exciting surprise visit from our Minority Leader of the House, Nancy Pelosi. Click here to read the reports by DA members from Belgium and France.



On 30 April, DACH Member-at-Large Mark Pasquesi initiated the DACH Task Force on Issues with a full-house screening of Fast Food Nation (2006) followed by panel discussions and organic snacks, co-sponsored by the Genevan Green Party. The film brought attention to food, immigration, and labor issues and those interested in working on these issues should feel free to contact Mark.

The following evening, Nicole De Feo, Member-at-Large, together with Dr Sarah Burkhalter once again gave the popular guided tour of contemporary art galleries in the quartier des Bains. Read more on both events here !

Mark your calendars with the date of the next DACH Art Walk : Wednesday 11 September.


Our team is still growing! Emily Blitz, Treasurer, is now our Volunteer Coordinator and contributes this extract from President Obama's speech officially enacting National Volunteer Week, last year:

"Our Nation has been profoundly shaped by ordinary Americans who have volunteered their time and energy to overcome extraordinary challenges. From the American Revolution and the Seneca Falls Convention to the everyday acts of compassion and purpose that move millions to make change in their communities, our Nation has always been at its best when individuals have come together to realize a common vision. ...That spirit lives on today in countless acts of service around our country [that] continue to connect individuals, young and old, to new opportunities to reinvent their world through service."

Obama made clear the importance of volunteering when he continued by saying:

"In all of these efforts, we are reminded how volunteer work can expand opportunity not only for those in need, but also for those who give. With every hour and every act, our lives are made richer, our communities are drawn closer, and our country is forged stronger by the dedication and generous spirit of volunteers. I encourage every American to stand up and play their part -- to put their shoulder up against the wheel and help change history's course."

DACH has a host of 'opportunities to reinvent your world through service'. From phone banking from home to fundraising, from baking treats to tweeting, from member recruitment to voter registration, writing policy to writing press releases, or sometimes simply being the first one there to say 'Welcome!'. We are looking for volunteers of all ages and abilities, talents and technical skills. Let us know your favorite form of volunteering and we'll do our best to find just the job for you.

Like our President, we too hope that you will put your shoulder up against the wheel and join us as we help change history's course!
Now seeking: Young Democrat to organize monthly Young Democrats social evenings at a Geneva location.
For this and any other, write to today! 


The following committees and task forces are being formed:
U.S. Tax and Legal Affairs Committee
Events/Fundraising Committee
Issues Task Force (Energy and Fracking, Healthy Food and Farms, LGBT, Gun Control, Immigration)
Membership and Voter Outreach Committee
Volunteer Coordinating Committee
Social Media Committee

Your input is important to us! To join please contact


DACH Legal Counsel Karen A. Monroe offers all members some very helpful, up-to-date U.S. tax reminders for U.S. citizens abroad. It includes : Filing 2012 returns, FATCA/ "New" Form 8938, FBAR, and advice for non-filers.
Worth reading! Click here


The effectiveness of our leadership team is measured by the growth of our membership and getting out the vote. To that end we will continue to send you reminders of issues coming up in congress and of special state elections as well as create opportunities for fellow members and other democrats to come together.

Your Chair,
Anne-Shelton Aaron

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