Friday, August 24, 2012

Voter Registration Drive Webster University

VoteFromAbroad volunteers will be at the Cafeteria of Webster University from noon to 1pm on Sept. 3rd and 4th to register American students to vote in November's US elections. Anyone living or working in the area is welcome to come by as well.

What you need:
Volunteers will help you complete the Federal Post Card Application Form (FPCA) using the online tool This is form to request an absentee ballot. Each state has different information requirements for registering the vote and the tool guides you through what your state requires and fills in the FPCA form for you. You need to know the address of the last place you lived in the US prior to moving away. If you don't remember the zip code, we can look that up online based on street address. Some states require your SS#, some your drivers licence number (if you still have a valid one). We can go over any questions together.

Then we will print out the FPCA, show you where to sign and date it, put it in an envelope and add the address for where to mail it ( gives you that information). We'll have stamps for mailing to the US on hand if you want to buy one CHF 1.90 (sorry, election laws prohibit giving stamps away.)

Go to before coming if you want to and bring the documents with you and we'll review them with you and make sure you got it right before you mail it!

Make sure you are heard. Every vote counts!

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