Monday, November 2, 2015

Wanted: Outreach Coordinators

Help us connect with Americans in your study abroad program, workplace or social club

Are you here on a study abroad program? Do you work for a company or government agency that employs more than 10 Americans in Switzerland? Are you active in the local branch of your alumni association? Do you participate in any local club or social group that includes more than 10 Americans?

Then we want your help!

Would you volunteer to be either a Democrats Abroad Outreach Coordinator or put us in touch with your program/club/group?

As an Outreach Coordinator you can help other Americans in your program or organization register to vote – or we will connect you to experienced voter registration volunteers. Together, we can do any or all of the following:

  • Schedule an on-site U.S. Voter Registration day
  • Prepare a flyer about Voter Registration to share via email to your colleagues or post in common areas
  • Inform your fellow Americans of election news and voting deadlines
  • Enable your fellow Americans to participate in the U.S. General Election

If you are ready to help, then fill out our online Outreach Coordinator sign-up form!

We will give you the information and tools you will need to connect with other Americans. It might even be as simple as meeting other current members of Democrats Abroad at your office. If your school program, church or club is having an orientation day or community fair, let us know so we can set up a voter registration table or hand out information. All our voter registration activity can be organized in a non-partisan way.

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