Sunday, July 26, 2015

New Bill to establish Commission on Americans Living Abroad

Democrats Abroad Establishing a Task Force for Promotion

Democrats Abroad learned last week that a bill to establish a Commission on Americans Living Abroad (known as HR597 in the 113th Congress) would be reintroduced shortly. This article announces the introduction of HR3078 on Wednesday 15 July by Representatives Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) and Mike Honda (D-CA). The House of Representatives Bill is described as follows:

The Commission on Americans Living Abroad, which would be established by H.R. 3078, would look into:
  • Federal financial reporting requirements for a U.S. citizen living in a foreign country
  • Federal policies and requirements that affect an overseas citizen’s access to foreign and domestic financial institutions
  • Federal requirements for a spouse, child or another family member of a U.S. citizen living abroad to become a U.S. citizen
  • The ability of a U.S. citizen living overseas to vote in Federal, State and local elections in the U.S., and the process by which they do so
  • The process by which a U.S. citizen living abroad interacts with Federal programs like Social Security and Medicare
  • Methods to improve collaborations between U.S. citizens abroad and Federal Agencies that oversee programs that serve them
The legislation creates a 10-member bipartisan Executive Commission to study the impact of U.S. laws and Executive actions on the overseas Americans community. The study would then be used to make recommendations for actions Congress and the Executive Branch could take to improve collaboration and communication of policies impacting this community. The intent of the review is to enhance awareness, coordination, and integration of the activities of the federal government relating to Americans abroad.

Democrats Abroad has given a lot of thought the last couple of years to how we might actively advocate in support of the Commission, and is setting up a task force. If you or any DA member you know might form a good candidate to serve on DA's HR3078 Task Force, working actively with a team committed to promote HR3078, please write to Chair Anne-Shelton Aaron expressing your interest.

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