Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Message from your Swiss Executive Committee

“Democracy is the worst form of government… except for all the rest.” That quote, often (erroneously) attributed to Winston Churchill, could sum up our current sentiment. The pundits are already working overtime producing their explanations for the Democrats’ loss of the Senate and of a number of key Governor races, as well as the yawning margin in favor of the GOP in the House. Certainly books will be written on the same topic. There is no sugar-coating it: We lost big-time.

 Democracy is the worst form of government… except for all the rest. 
There are still two years to go in the President’s second term and much for us to be proud of. The United States economy is the envy of the developed world. We now have a health care system worthy of its name, and while GOP control of both Houses of Congress makes another run at repeal of Obamacare probable, isn’t it interesting that for all the sturm und drang, the GOP chose NOT to make an issue out of health care in any of the major races decided in November?! Overseas, the President has established important markers in the fight against extremism, while at the same time keeping us out of deeper involvement in insoluble conflicts. He has rebuilt alliances, and forged new partnerships. The President’s low-key style may not be dramatic, but it has proven effective.

It will still be some time before we can say for certain what the impact of the voting from abroad was on November 4. One thing we do know: the 60% growth in the number of Americans living abroad in the last ten years makes overseas voters a phenomenon to be contended with. The Democrats made voting from abroad possible and were early to understand the trend and organize. The Republican Party woke up late, but has been vigorously playing catch-up.

Please let us take this occasion to thank those among you who have contributed of your time, energy and resources in recent weeks and months in helping Democrats Abroad Switzerland get members registered and to vote. Your efforts were much appreciated.

It will be interesting to watch our Republican friends, now that their control of both Houses of Congress removes much of the pretext for their inaction. The President will almost certainly challenge his opposition to advance a positive agenda. The country needs such activism. We Democrats need to make clear to our fellow Americans, here and back home, that WE are the Party of positive change. And always will be.

— Your DA Switzerland Executive Committee

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