Thursday, October 23, 2014

Democratic Senate Candidates on Social Media

Facebook and Twitter Help Us Be Heard

Use Hashtag #DemsAbroad so They Know Who They Represent

This is a list of the Democratic Senate candidates running in the 2014 Election, with links to their Facebook and Twitter profiles. Social media is a great way to communicate concerns to representatives. Once that ballot is in the mail send your candidate a Tweet or message on Facebook to let them know they are getting your vote from abroad. Then keep reminding them during their next six years in office.

We are neighbors here in Switzerland sharing a nationality and concerns of expats, but we do not share representation. Since Americans abroad vote for Congressmen and women who work for our home state, as a constituency U.S. non-residents seem too spread out to have an impact. But Social Media can help amplify our needs. Use hashtags #DemsAbroad and/or #VotefromAbroad with Twitter so your representatives will know you are a voting non-resident. With millions of Americans living abroad, we can make an impact when we unite.

Tweet Your Support with #DemsAbroad

 AK  Mark Begich  MarkBegich  @MarkBegich
 AR  Mark Pryor  PryorforSenate  @PryorforSenate
 CO  Mark Udall  UdallforColorado  @MarkUdall2014
 DE  Chris Coons  ChrisCoons  @ChrisCoons
 GA  Michelle Nunn  MichelleNunnGA  @MichelleNunnGA
 HI  Brian Schatz  BrianSchatz  @BrianSchatz
 IL  Dick Durbin  DickDurbin  @DickDurbin
 IA  Bruce Braley  BruceBraley  @TeamBraley
 KY  Alison Lundergan Grimes  AlisonforKentucky  @AlisonforKY
 LA  Mary Landrieu  SenatorLandrieu  @MaryLandrieu
 MA  Ed Markey  EdMarkeyforMA  @EdMarkey
 ME  Shenna Bellows  Shenna.Bellows  @ShennaBellows
 MI  Gary Peters  PetersforMichigan  @Peters4Michigan
 MN  Al Franken  Sen.Franken  @AlFranken
 MS  Travis Childers  RepTravisWChilders  @childers4senate
 NJ  Cory Booker  CoryBooker  @CoryBooker
 NH  Jeanne Shaheen  JeanneShaheenNH  @JeanneShaheen
 NM  Tom Udall  TomUdall  @SenatorTomUdall
 NC  Kay Hagan  KayHaganforSenate  @KayHagan
 OR  Jeff Merkley  JeffMerkleyOregon  @JeffMerkley
 RI  Jack Reed  ReedforRI  @SenJackReed
 VA  Mark Warner  MarkWarnerVA  @MarkWarner
 WV  Natalie Tennant  NatalieE.Tennant  @NatalieTennant

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