Monday, November 25, 2013

On Campaign Finance Reform

In the past two years, Sarbanes, a four-term congressman and the son of former five-term Sen. Paul Sarbanes (D-Md.), has emerged as a leader in a new vanguard of campaign finance reformers.

About Rep. Paul Sarbanes from the Huffington Post

It’s up to progressives like us to fight for the safeguards of our campaign finance system. Because we know where the power belongs in our elections – with the people. Not with special interests, corporations, or the super rich.

Outside groups spent $40 million against us in Ohio during the 2012 election cycle. They spent more than $1.1 billion on all elections. Isn’t that enough?

This new campaign finance case, McCutcheon vs. the Federal Election Commission, could allow even more spending. Little by little, holes in our campaign finance system are growing. If this continues we’re going to see even more unlimited, undisclosed money pouring into elections.

Stand with me against the flood of outside money into our elections. Sign the petition right now.

We know what we need in our election process. More accountability. More transparency. And more discussions about the issues that affect middle class families – like Medicare and Social Security, or how we’re going to create next-generation jobs.

The last thing we need is more outside spending distracting from the issues that matter.

The best thing we could do to keep our elections focused on issues is keep building this movement to fix our broken campaign finance system.

Thank you for your support.

– Sherrod Brown from the Huffington Post

Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal reported Karl Rove and his shadowy campaign groups raised "$180 million in 2012 from 291 unnamed people, who gave an average of $618,000 each."

291 people – a group smaller than my high school class sought to influence the opinions of over 146 million registered voters using resources only massive amounts of money can buy.

Our chances of winning any battle – against the surveillance industry, Wall Street, or others – will go way up if we can clean up the system of legalized bribery that pervades Congress.

Over 55,000 people have endorsed our 5-part Take Back Democracy agenda. Can you join the fight for campaign finance reform?

This past year, we've run over $100,000 in TV ads against Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, the #1 opponent of campaign reform and the #1 most vulnerable Republican senator in 2014.

In addition, we've worked with top House Democratic leaders to craft a bold new campaign finance bill (coming soon!) and organized a coalition of 8 organizations representing millions of people who are ready to push for big reform in 2014.

We need to know if you'll be with us in in 2014 – as we push reform in Congress, elect reform heroes, and fight those like Karl Rove who try to control Congress by spending millions of dollars

Join the fight for campaign finance reform  click here.

Thanks for being a bold progressive.

– Amanda Johnson, PCCC Campaign Director

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