Wednesday, January 9, 2013

DACH Executive Committee Elections: Call for Candidates

Dear Fellow Democrats:
Democrats Abroad Switzerland hereby issues
A Call for Candidates
Democrats Abroad Switzerland, in accordance with its bylaws, will elect its new Executive Committee on March 23, 2013 at its Annual General Meeting.
The following positions are to be filled:
Vice Chair*
and up to 2 members-at-large
* According to Democratic Party Rules the Chair and Vice Chair need to be balanced between a man and a woman. 
Members interested in seeking election to a position or in nominating a candidate should submit a nominations form via email to the Elections Committee no later than February 16, 2013.
The form can be downloaded here:

Descriptions of the offices and the attendant duties are described in Article V the DACH bylaws, which can be viewed by clicking Here
Please return your nomination form to:

The Elections Committee:
Marcus Courtney (Chair)
Daniel Crosby
Caitlin  Kraft Buchman
Ammad Bahalim

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