Friday, September 21, 2012

Obama fundraiser in Montreux September 28th

We've had some good news recently about the presidential race. Polls are showing Obama leading in several key swing-states. Americans reacted swiftly to the frightening prospect of Mitt Romney winning the election with the help of a few billionaires writing $10 million checks. Over 1 million of us gave to Obama's campaign in August alone.

We made it clear that we will not sit by and watch our country be bought by the same people who brought us the financial crash in 2008. Here in Switzerland, hundreds of Americans donated to the Obama campaign during the two recent fundraisers held in Zurich and Geneva. But we need to give more.

Please donate $100 or more today.
As we reach the final stretch, we're inviting the American community to join us for a cocktail reception in Montreux on Friday September 28th in a private home. The requested contribution is $100 per person, and contributions in higher amounts are very much welcome and encouraged. Please join a lively and enthusiastic group of like-minded American compatriots at what promises to be a memorable evening with stunning views of Lac Leman. Charles Adams, Chairman of Americans Abroad for Obama and member of the National Finance Committee of the Obama Campaign, will share the inside scoop from the campaign and the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.

When you donate $100 or more, kindly bear in mind that only U.S. citizens and Green Card holders may contribute to the Obama Victory Fund. For Americans residing abroad, passport information must be submitted with the RSVP if you are paying with a non-U.S. credit card. Non-U.S. spouses, partners and guests are more than welcome to attend, provided that it is the U.S. citizen who makes the contribution on their behalf. Please feel free to forward this invitation to American friends and acquaintances who might like to attend.

Thank you in advance for your generous support in helping re-elect President Obama.

Maya Samara
Chair, Democrats Abroad Switzerland

P.S. If you are unable to join us on September 28th, please consider making a donation. The link accepts non-U.S. based credit cards, so if you have wanted to donate to Obama's campaign but were unable to, now is your chance and today is when your support is most needed.
Instructions for donating using a non-U.S. based credit card via
Under ''State'' list ''AA'' for American Abroad.
 In the Zip code section, put ''00000'' or your US voting zip code.
Please send a scan of your passport to Maya Samara at chair(at) or bring a photocopy with you to the event.

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