Friday, April 27, 2012

Global Primary Deadline and Voting Information

The Democrats Abroad Global Primary is less than a week away, and it's getting really exciting! We hope that you will come out to vote in person at our voting center in Geneva on May 3rd. You don't have to pre-register to cast your ballot in person – just show up and vote – although it would help if you would RSVP via this link to help our planning committee in preparing a great event!  If you are not already a member, you can join on the day, or through our website at any time before voting:  

1) APRIL 30 DEADLINE: Request Your Absentee Ballot for the DA Primary Election

Even if you are unable to come out to our voting center, you can still participate in the DA Global Primary Election and vote for our nominee for President and for who will represent us as Delegates at the Democratic Party Convention in Charlotte in September.

To request an Absentee Ballot for the DA Primary, please send an email by April 30th to:

Please include the following details in your request email:
1. Voter's Name (the member of DA who wishes to vote)
2. Voter's City and Country of Residence (ex. Zurich, Switzerland)
3. Voter's email address

Do you live in a household with more than one Democrat?

Please make sure that each and every Democrat in your household (who will be at least 18 on November 6) has "Joined" Democrats Abroad. We need each name to appear separately in the membership database. Join now:

Please request only one ballot per email.

Deadline to REQUEST the Absentee Ballot: April 30.
Deadline to RETURN the Absentee Ballot: May 6.

The Absentee Ballot will include instructions on how to vote and return the Ballot. Methods of return will include fax and email.

Voting in the Democrats Abroad Global Primary will not in any way affect the status of your registration or voting in your state for the general election on November 6th. If you have not already done so, you will still need to request your absentee ballot for the general election. is a tool that will help you do this.


If you live in the Geneva region, we would especially like to encourage you to join us at our event on May 3rd. This is shaping up into an exciting event, with speeches and presentations, videos, and the media on hand to observe and report. Please join us! Here are the details:

Thursday, May 3rd from 6:00-9:00 PM
Hotel Bristol Geneva
10 Rue du Mont-Blanc, 1201 Geneva

RSVP (not required, but appreciated) at:
You can drop by at any time to vote, or stay for the whole event! We've got a range of activities planned on the night, including:

6:00 - Doors open. Cash bar and free snacks will be served all evening.  Get your Obama and Democrat merchandise too!
7:00 - Speeches and presentation including overview of key races to watch and what's happening in the campaign.
8:00 - Viewing of the film The Road We've Travelled - telling the story of the Obama presidency so far by Oscar winning director Davis Guggenheim
9:00 - Voting ends, ballot counting begins


With all this excitement, and a large turnout expected, we will need extra hands on deck at our voting center. We already have a great group of volunteers working, but we need more! Can you help? Please write to letting us know how you'd like to help! We especially need people to help us:

- Register and check in members to issue them with their ballots.
- Help members register to vote using
- Set up decorations ahead of the event from 4PM-6PM. (Bring your kids to help!)
- Take photos or videos.
- Blog and post on social media sites.
- In the coming week, put up flyers announcing the Global Primary event at campuses and work places around Geneva.

Also, if anyone out there has design skills and some time to help before the event – we could put your skills to good use! Again, just write to:   


The DA Global Primary is the process by which we choose the delegates that will go to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina to nominate our Presidential candidate on behalf of Democrats Abroad.
We've had an overwhelming number of candidates throw their hats into the ring for this honor – with 99 candidates running from the EMEA region alone, and 6 in the Switzerland!
We wanted to clarify a few important points regarding the campaigns for delegate:

-        Candidate list to help you decide how to vote: you can read the original application form for each of the 99 EMEA candidates by clicking here.  In addition, each candidate was given the opportunity to answer some additional questions about themselves as well as include a link to any websites for further information. We have consolidated all of those answers into one pdf file.  You can view that file at (login required). 
-        Campaigning at Primary Events: Any candidates or their supporters who choose to attend a Primary Event and actively campaign and solicit votes there are free to do so, provided that they are NOT also volunteering at that primary event, and that they stay at least 10 meters distant from the ballot box.
-        Democrats Abroad Facebook Page: Any Candidate to become a Delegate within the EMEA region (or supporter of such Candidate) who wishes to explain their candidacy on our Facebook pages is free to do so. You will find a number of wall posts from candidates already posted on our DA Switzerland page and the DA international page.
-        Democrats Abroad Website: Registered members are also free to post information in support of their candidacy on the Democrats Abroad website.

What else is coming up in DA?

5) Reminder about OTHER EVENTS coming up in Geneva, Zurich and Winterthur:
 May 2nd: Second Visit Behind the Scenes at Nuit des Bains at 6:30PM
An event organized by DACH cultural committee to raise money for our Get Out The Vote work. Come out for a unique peek at Geneva's contemporary art scene and support DACH at the same time.
More info and RSVP:

May 9th: Town Hall Meeting in Zurich, 6:00PM – 8:00PM
More info and RSVP:

May 13th: DA Switzerland Annual General Meeting in Winterthur from 2:00PM – 5:00PM

This will be a busy month. Now is the time to get active and help Democrats win in November!

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