Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hey Everyone! Hope we're all having a great week of election celebrations! Zurich had a lovely gathering on Tuesday, 3rd November.

A big congrats to Democrat Bill Owens in NY, who was elected to the 23rd Congressional District in New York! We also continue to celebrate President Obama's historic victory exactly one year ago and are gearing up for the 2010 elections where most governors, a third of the Senate and all members in the House will be on ballots! This is going to be a huge election year!

True Virginia and New Jersey resulted in wins for the Republican party however exit polls revealed that this was not because voters are not supportive of Obama and his Administration but rather, I think, evidence of the economic unease on everyone's mind that subsequently resulted in leadership changes. We must continue to work hard in getting the health care bill through (call your representative, write a letter your local paper, etc.) and successfully passed. This will be a huge victory for the Democrats and bode well for the 2010 elections!

Keep rallying!

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